Being responsible as a company means to contribute to the society in a positive way meanwhile minimizing the negative impact on people and he environment.

The idea of building a company whose standards exceed the sum of gains and losses and contributes to the society as a whole has to be a part of the personal values shared by the shareholders. This type of spirit should be promoted into every company all around the world in order to encourage innovation, motivation, job opportunities and competitiveness.

Both private companies, institutions and government agencies should join in order to exchange ideas, experiences, good practices so that all of us can expand the boundaries of knowledge.

That is essential to promote changes in society, develop the education, the values, the functions and responsibilities of the families to support and help individuals correct their path from whom they have, for some reason, turned away of the right track in life.

It is not an easy task. But it is a duty that we must confront.

In Werba we understand the importance of the community where we live as a crucial part of what we do and who we are. Because of that we try to collaborate in different ways in order to push for a brighter future for the whole country. The recycling of non-ferrous metals is our main way to contribute to the society because it helps to clean the city from materials that are no longer used and encourages the re-utilization of materials, thus saving energy and money in extracting brand new materials.

Arrangement with the National Institution of Rehabilitation

Werba has signed an agreement with the unit N° 6 situated in Punta de Rieles in order to recycle materials and give job opportunities to people deprived form liberty with penalties to accomplish.

To achieve that, the company has made a significant investment to provide this people with a place to work as well as tools and uniforms.

Not only does this help these individuals in an economic way, but also it capacitates them and starts developing a working routine and healthy habits that will be helpful for them when re-inserting into society.

In addition, the convicts that work on this entrepreneurship receive a discount in their penalty.

A change in attitude is perceived immediately when this types of opportunities are presented.

To Werba it is a feeling that mobilizes us.

WEEE recycling of Plan Ceibal

Plan Ceibal has been delivering different devices to the young and the elder in order to help throughout their capacitation, studies and insertion in society.

After their useful life those devices must be recycled.

Ceibal has trusted this work to Werba due to its long and prosper history as well as its reputation. It is our honor to accept this fulfilling challenge.

In Werba we give an environmentally friendly destiny to every component of the XO’s, thus reducing the amount of waste that ends in places that are not meant to receive those types of materials.

We have perfect traceability for this type of equipment thanks to significant investments in machinery to process this materials without damaging the environment.

Always present in different event and organizations promoting collaboration

In Werba we believe in receiving and giving as a complete cycle. That is the law of attraction.

The company supports fair causes in order to contribute to institutions or individuals that are going through tough times.

We consider recycling ourselves everyday as a necessity in the quest for a better world.

That is the quality that will help us grow and move on. The capacity to recycle oneself, the capacity to change. It is our wish to always keep contributing to our community.