Welcome to Werba

We are a family business comprised by four generations of experience that guarantee continuity and capacity to evolve.

80 years of experience have positioned us as the leading company in Uruguay in the recycling industry of non-ferrous metals. During this period, Werba has developed technology and environmental awareness to achieve the quality levels of the most developed countries, which now applies to both staff and production processes, as well as suppliers and customers.

UBC Recycling

Werba maintains these quality standards through a permanent and continuous policy based on the effectiveness of our staff. Werba constantly updates its recycling methods and uses a type of business management that promotes honesty and commitment with the environment.

What we do

In Werba, we recycle all kinds of non-ferrous metals, which we initially receive as scrap metal in our workshops.

Then we proceed to the separation and compaction of the material, which is ultimately melted to form ingots or sold as scrap according to the needs of the consumer.

MISSION: "To be a company that casts recycling with social responsibility and care for the environment in each of our members and the community as a common value, thus generating an economic cycle that benefits our clients, the company, society and the environment. Trying to always be at the forefront to achieve cost efficiency, quality and traceability throughout the chain of services from Uruguay to the world."

VISION: "Continue being the leaders in the domestic and international market, taking the needs of the society and environment into account. As well as demonstrating that leadership is built on work, commitment and vision of the changes that take place and are demanded in the world."

Battery recycling

WEEE recycling

Export markets

The metals recycled in our factories are later sold in the domestic manufacturing industry and/or exported to the world.


Members of the BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) since 1999.


Commitment with the environment is one of the essential pillars in our performance.

The founders

Werba S.A. was founded on November 11, 1935 by Mr. José Werba.