We proudly ensure our suppliers a fair and unambiguous treatment. For more than half a century of experience, Werba has been well-known for by its seriousness in weighing, valuation and classification of merchandise.

The following table shows non-ferrous metals and metals in disuse that Werba purchases from its suppliers:


Non-ferrous metal Origin
Stainless steel Trimmings, sheets, tubes
Aluminum Insulated wires, profiles, lithography, pans, solid aluminum, cans, paper, chips, slags, pipes, tanks
Bronze Trimmings, valves, chips, slags, bearings
Copper Insulated wires, wires, flat bars, tubes, tanks, trimmings, chips
Tin White metals, slags, welds
Brass Trimmings, propellers, radiators, chips, slags, valves, taps, sheets
Lead Car batteries, pipes, slags, linotypes
Zamac Scraps, molds
Zinc Anodes, sheets, slags, trimmings, hard zinc
Miscellanea Electronic scrap, computers, catalysts, telephony devices, radiographic plates, alpaca, electric engines, copper-nickel


Our customers, both in Uruguay and in the rest of world can expect a personalized and efficient treatment. Satisfying customer requirements is one of the pillars that have consolidated Werba in the Uruguayan market.

The table below shows the available recycled non-ferrous metals and final products:

Non-ferrous metals Origin
Aluminum Granular, classified and packed scraps, ingots (different alloys), bars
Bronze Classified scraps, ingots, bars, anodes
Copper Granular, classified and packed scraps, ingots (different alloys), bars, plates, phosphorous-copper
Tin White metals, welds, ingots
Brass Classified scraps, ingots (different alloys), bars, plates, welds, abrasives
Nickel Anodes, lockets
Lead Classified scraps, ingots (different alloys), sheets
Zamac Classified scraps, ingots
Zinc Classified scraps, ingots (different alloys)
Miscellanea Pure silicon, pure antimony, magnesium, manganese

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    Granular copper

    A great variety of materials are obtained from WEEE

    Lead ingots

    Copper wires once they arrive to our factory after being separated for compacting and granulating. These products are intended for industrial use.

    All the wastes generated by the beverage industry are recycled