Materials handling and processes following standards and methods of the most qualified international companies


In Werba, we have professionalized material handling and processes according to the requirements and methods of international companies engaged in similar activities that serve as a model for our constant development.

Moreover, one of our main commitments is to satisfy customers and suppliers, offering the highest quality, best service and fair treatment. For this reason, we are now the leading recycling company in the Uruguayan market.

Meeting the needs and requirements of suppliers and clients and working professionally are essential to create a healthy environment that allows us to constantly improve our performance.

Werba is one of the 550 companies from over 55 countries affiliated to BIR (Bureau of International Recycling), an international trade federation that represents the global recycling industry.

This organization has provided us with the opportunity to work with leading companies worldwide. In addition, we have mutually benefited from new technologies and ways of processing materials and consequently pushing the knowledge boundaries in the recycling market.

Since Uruguay does not hold non-ferrous natural resources, the recovery of non-ferrous materials is a key factor for both environmental protection and the economy.

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Member of the Main Industrial and Business Chambers

Our company understands that it needs to be present in every chamber and organization as a way not only to collaborate but to be proactive in promoting and staying ahead of the requirements of both the world and new provisions that govern the activity itself.

We are active members of:
- Metallurgical Chamber of Uruguay
- Chamber of Industries of Uruguay
- National Chamber of Commerce and Services of Uruguay
- Uruguayan Indian Chinese Chamber of Commerce
- Uruguayan Israeli Chamber of Commerce

Furthermore, we are founding partners of CEGRU - Uruguayan Chamber of Waste Management Companies, an organization that aims to improve the quality of recycling in Uruguay, following strict and rigorous standards to reduce the quantity of waste going to final disposal.

This also ensures the responsible and environmentally friendly management and disposal of toxic waste that does not have a recycling solution today.

We are committed with being a member of chambers and institutions to make contributions to position Uruguay right next to first world countries, a place of privilege.